Vin Diesel reveals that ‘Fast & Furious’ will end with ‘one last trilogy’

Actor says he spent his weekend 'mapping out the future' of the car chase franchise

Vin Diesel has revealed that the Fast & Furious franchise will end with “one last trilogy”.

After opening in cinemas earlier this year, Fast & Furious 7 became the franchise’s most successful instalment yet, grossing over $1.512 billion (£990 million) at the global box office. That total places the car chase sequel fifth on the all-time list behind Avatar, Titanic, Jurassic World and Marvel’s The Avengers.

Diesel, who serves as a producer on the movies as well as starring in them, confirmed in April that Fast & Furious 8 will be released on April 14, 2017, vowing: “We’re going to make the best movie you’ve ever seen!” However, since then progress has been slow, with no director in place to steer the sequel yet.

Taking to Facebook to give fans an update on Friday, Diesel wrote: “My producing partner Neal [H.Moritz] would love for me to just sign off on a director, but this is too special a franchise, so these matters have to be very carefully handled. To be clear, NO ONE has been offered to helm Fast 8 yet… let alone seen a script.”

He then added: “Universal has been so good to me and so trusting of the vision… they have been like family… I promised the studio I would deliver one last Trilogy to end the saga.”

In a subsequent post yesterday, Diesel gave fans another update on the trilogy, revealing that he, Moritz and Universal had been “mapping out the future of our saga” over the weekend, “including the announcement of it’s (sic) respective directors”. However, he did not reveal when this announcement with the film’s directors will be made.