Virgin Trains force you to listen to ‘Daddy’s Home 2’ advert while you’re on the toilet

Will Ferrell talks to you while you wee

A Twitter user has revealed that a new Virgin Trains feature ‘forces’ you to listen to an advert for Daddy’s Home 2 while you use the toilet.

The clip features a pre-recorded message by star Will Ferrell, and was posted to Twitter by confused Virgin Trains customer Gavia Baker-Whitelaw, who wrote: “The toilets on this train FORCE YOU TO LISTEN TO AN ADVERT FOR DADDY’S HOME 2.”

He continued: “I swear to god. When you lock the toilet door on this Virgin train, you HAVE to listen to a recorded message from Will Ferrell advertising Daddy’s Home 2. You’re literally locked in an enclosed space. with a Daddy’s Home 2 trailer. That you CANNOT switch off. this train journey costs £70.”


Virgin Trains later replied to Gavia’s original post, writing “Will’s great though, no?”, to which Gavia replied, “Please allow people to take a shit without listening to a compulsory ad for a Mel Gibson movie.”

Check out the clip below.

Mel Gibson recently expressed his surprise that he has been accepted back into Hollywood despite numerous scandals in the past.

Despite remaining a controversial figure in Hollywood, Gibson’s career has experienced a revival in recent years. He stars in Daddy’s Home 2 and was nominated for Best Director at the 2017 Oscars for his film Hacksaw Ridge.

“I am surprised as I have been digging a ditch for the past 10 years,” Gibson says on this week’s Graham Norton Show.


“Quite frankly, it’s been a lot of hard work personally and professionally, but the work goes on as I think it does for most of us.”


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