Is Wales an independent superpower in the Marvel universe?

A scene from 'Black Panther' seems to suggest so...

Following praise for its exploration of race and identity, it now appears that Black Panther also depicts Wales as an independent country and, quite possibly, even a global superpower.

Black Panther was released in the UK earlier this week and comes out in the US today (February 16). NME‘s review of the film described it as “the best Marvel film yet”.

Now, eagle-eyed viewers have spotted a Welsh flag in the backdrop of one of the movie’s scenes, which shows King T’Challa of the fictional country of Wakanda appearing at the United Nations.


Being part of the United Kingdom, Wales is currently represented by the Union Jack at UN events.

“It’s happened! Wales, an independent nation state with seat in the UN! New #BlackPanther film shows Red Dragon in United Nations chamber. Wales a free independent nation, not subsumed by UK,” a tweet from pro-Independence group Yes Cymru reads.

It has also led fans to speculate over whether Wales is a superpower in the Marvel universe.

One Twitter user writes: “Not only does #BlackPanther support Welsh independence it appears to envisage Wales as a future superpower with a privileged seat at the UN alongside USA, Japan and uh…the Netherlands. England out of sight. Class”.


It has been suggested that the inclusion of the Welsh flag in the scene is a head-nod to Lucasfilm general manager Lynwen Brennan, who was born in Pembrokeshire.

The film’s special effects are said to have been provided by Industrial Light & Magic, a division of Lucasfilm.

A spokesperson for the Welsh government has since responded to the news, saying in a statement: “From flags to filming locations to record breaking dramas & feature films, Wales continues to punch above it’s weight – a real life Marvel.”

NME has approached Marvel for further comment.

Meanwhile, it looks like Marvel could be making an all-female ensemble movie.