Wall-E brought to life by US robot maker

Life-sized model can talk, scoot about and raise both arms to wave

A real-life Wall-E has been built by a film fan in America – scroll down to watch a video of the replica in action.

In the 2008 movie of the same name, Wall-E appears as a computer-animated robot whose function is to clear up rubbish. The film won the Best Animated Picture award at the following year’s Oscars.

Since early 2010, computer programmer Mike Senna has dedicated 25 hours of free time a week to creating a real-life replica of the character. Operated by remote control, his life-sized model can talk, scoot about and raise both arms to wave.

Senna, of Yorba Linda, California, previously created a replica of R2-D2 from Star Wars. After the model received a positive response during public appearances, particularly at children’s hospitals, he decided to build “something with more emotion” and embarked on his two-and-a-half year Wall-E project.

Senna’s Wall-E is not quite finished, but has already made his first public appearance at a local children’s hospital. “The kids just really reacted to him, and the adults did as well. As I thought, the emotion that the Wall-E can convey was much greater than the R2-D2,” Senna said in an interview with Yahoo!.