Watch Warren Beatty discuss Oscars Best Picture mistake

'Bonnie and Clyde' star appeared on the 'Graham Norton Show' at the weekend

Warren Beatty has discussed the infamous Oscars Best Picture mix-up that took place in February.

Beatty was announcing the winner of Best Picture on the night alongside Bonnie and Clyde co-star Faye Dunaway. However, the pair were handed the wrong envelope, causing them to erroneously announce La La Land as the winner, when in fact Moonlight had scooped the big award.

Speaking on the Graham Norton Show at the weekend, Beatty explained his thought process during the incident: “I thought, ‘Well, maybe this is a misprint’ and that I shouldn’t foul up the show just because someone made a little error… It looked like it said the name of the movie, La La Land.”

Beatty went on to deny that he intentionally stitched Dunaway up by handing her the envelope to announce the winner.

“I guess you could say that it was chaos,” Beatty said of the aftermath. When asked whether it was all people could talk about all evening, the star replied: “That’s not true, people talk about themselves.”

Also during the show, Beatty denied various rumours about himself, including that he used to wash his hair with beer, that he had a secret passageway into the Playboy mansion and that he has slept with 13,000 women. Watch in the clip below.