Watch a new trailer for Louis Theroux’s ‘My Scientology Movie’

UK release is expected 'later in 2016'

A new trailer has been released for Louis Theroux‘s upcoming documentary film, My Scientology Movie.

My Scientology Movie is expected to be released in UK cinemas “later in 2016”, according to its distributor, with an initial Dutch trailer released in May.

Speaking to NME in April, Louis explained the inspiration behind My Scientology Movie: “I’d seen an explanation of why people wanted to leave Scientology, but I hadn’t got a sense of why they joined. I was interested in the seduction, why they would go along with the various practices that had been alleged for years, if not decades. [The film is] an attempt to create that mindset of being conditioned in behaviours outside of the norm.”

Watch a new trailer for the Australian cinematic release below.

Speaking to NME about the secrets of his filmmaking success, Theroux said: “I just have an instinct of how to do interviews. It wasn’t consciously planned; I wanted to get along with people, while also satisfying my natural curiosity. People talk about me as though I was playing a character in my late ’90s programmes [such as Weird Weekends], but what comes through to me is a sort of authenticity. The people I meet may see that I’m occasionally being a bit cheeky, but underneath they recognise there’s something real there.”