Watch Amy Schumer’s comical Kiss Cam moment at New York Mets match

She was at the game with her dad and boyfriend

Amy Schumer was caught on camera with her father and boyfriend at a New York Mets game last night (September 25).

The actress and comedian was spotted on the popular Kiss Cam camera which zooms in on fans at the Citi Field stadium.

Realising that she’d been spotted, Schumer gave her dad a kiss on the cheek before she comically made out with her boyfriend Ben Hanisch.

Posting the clip on Instagram, she wrote: “I have always wanted to be on the kiss cam! My dad and my man!! #letsgomets.”

I have always wanted to be on the kiss cam! My dad and my man!! #letsgomets

A video posted by @amyschumer on

Also in the crowd were Jerry Seinfeld, Jonah Hill and Matthew Broderick.

Schumer recently revealed that she was advised to lose weight before shooting her 2015 movie Trainwreck.

Although she wrote the script for the hit rom-com as well as starring in it, she still wasn’t able to escape the pressure to attain a certain body shape that is so prevalent in Hollywood.

“It was explained to me before I did that movie that if you weigh over 140 pounds as a woman in Hollywood, if you’re on the screen, it will hurt people’s eyes,” Schumer said.

Continuing, the actress admitted that she caved into pressure to slim down for the movie, saying: “I lost some weight to do that, but never again.”

Schumer, who has recently toured the UK with her popular stand-up show, said earlier this month (September) that she will leave the US if Donald Trump is voted President.

“My act will change because I’ll need to learn to speak Spanish because I will move to Spain, or somewhere. It’s beyond my comprehension if Trump won. It’s too crazy,” she said.