Watch an exclusive clip from ‘Final Destination 5’ – video

"Death...doesn't like to be cheated"

NME.COM[ has an exclusive clip to offer you from the next instalment in the Final Destination series.

With Final Destination 5 hitting cinemas Stateside this weekend, and coming to these shores in a fortnight’s time, we have an exclusive video to whet your appetite.

While the clip doesn’t show any of the potentially grisly deaths on offer, you can see those in the trailer to be found here.

The footage above instead hints at the mood of the piece, with Candyman‘s Tony Todd putting the willies up death-bait Miles Fisher and Nicolas D’Agosto.

The gravel voiced actor, has popped up in each of the Final Destination films to offer the teens some helpful words of advice, and this time he’s on hand to clue them into a loophole: If they wish to survive, they have to offer Death an alternative.

Previous entries in the popular franchise have included plane crashes and roller-coaster mishaps to kick off the carnage fuelled events, but Final Destination 5 looks to up the body count with a spectacular suspension bridge collapse.

You’ll be able to witness the other fatalities, including death by acupuncture and gymnastics, when Final Destination 5 is released in the UK on August 26.