Watch Arnold Schwarzenegger give coronavirus tips from his hot tub

"The important thing is that you stay at home"

Arnold Schwarzenegger has shared a video of himself providing tips to stay safe as the coronavirus pandemic worsens.

The actor and former governor of California is self-isolating and has advised people to do the same.

In the clip, the 72-year-old talks about the outbreak from his home hot tub while smoking a cigar. He says he still sees “photographs and videos of people sitting at outside cafes all over the world and having a good time,” which is something that concerns him.


“That’s how you get it, [through] contact with other people. So stay away from crowds, stay away from restaurants, and outdoor cafes, especially now in springtime, when all the kids are going to the beach and celebrating and drinking,” he adds.

Elsewhere in the video he advises older people in particular to stay at home. “The important thing is that you stay at home because there’s a curfew now. No one is allowed out especially someone who is 72-years-old. After 65 you’re not allowed out your house anymore in California, so you’ve got to stay home.”

People have taken to social media to react to the actor’s PSA.

“Why isn’t this guy the POTUS?” one Twitter user wrote. Another said: “Arnold could be f—king my mom and I’d cheer him on. The man is flat out amazing.”


Some users posted memes making fun of Arnie’s famous Terminator and Predator catchphrases in light of the coronavirus outbreak and the sudden demand for toilet paper.

Others were less impressed with his message, pointing out that not everyone lives in a mansion or has a hot tub.

“I’m tired of these assholes sending this message from the comfort of their spa with millions in the bank when so many of us are wondering if tomorrow will be the last day of our employment and the possibility of losing everything we’ve worked for is on the line,” one user wrote

Another added: “Arnold, I appreciate your messaging here, but not everyone lives in a mansion with unlimited resources. You’re right in the message itself, but less grandstanding would seem a bit more genuine. Thx!”

The clip comes days after the Terminator star shared a bizarre video on Twitter in which he discusses coronavirus with his pet pony and donkey by his side at a table.

Celebrities have been much the source of stories around the coronavirus pandemic. Earlier this week Jared Leto returned from a desert meditation retreat where he had “no idea” about coronavirus due to a lack of phones and communication.

Other musicians have taken the opportunity to live-stream performances and/or chats from their homes, isolated venues or recording studios, including Christine And The QueensColdplay’s Chris MartinU2’s Bono and Yungblud.