Watch as Meryl Streep dons orange wig to play Donald Trump

Streep joined by Hillary Clinton as she impersonates Presidential hopeful at New York gala

Meryl Streep has donned an orange wig, fake tan and a padded suit to impersonate Donald Trump.

Streep impersonated the US Presidential hopeful at the annual Shakespeare In The Park gala in New York.

The actress was joined by Trump’s rival Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and fellow actress Christine Baranski to sing ‘Brush Up Your Shakespeare’ from Cole Porter musical Kiss Me, Kate.

To applause from the audience, Streep continued her Trump impersonation, giving extra emphasis to the song’s line: “You’ll let me know why it is that all the women say no.”

The performance followed Clinton officially receiving the Democratic party’s nomination to contest the election against Trump in November. Clinton, who beat Bernie Sanders to the candidacy, becomes the first woman ever to contest a US Presidential race.

Baranski plays Leonard’s overbearing mother Dr Beverly Hofstadter in The Big Bang Theory, having previously won an Emmy for her role in Cybill Shpherd’s sitcom Cybill.

Streep is no stranger to impersonations of controversial right-wing politicians, having previously played late British PM Margaret Thatcher in 2011 biopic The Iron Lady. Streep said of Thatcher: “Her hard-nosed fiscal measures took a toll on the poor… But, to me, she was a figure of awe for her personal strength and grit.”