Watch Barack Obama and Bill Murray play golf in the White House’s Oval Office

More awesome antics from Murray

The White House have shared a new video of President Barack Obama and Bill Murray playing mini-golf together in the Oval Office. Check it out below.

Released to encourage US citizens to register for health insurance, the clips shows the soon-to-be-former-President and the Hollywood legend engaging in a round of putting and banter, at the centre of power for the free world.

“Generally, I don’t let Cubs fans into the Oval Office,” Obama, a fan of rival team White Fox, tells Murray. Murray then replies: “It’s probably no coincidence that your popularity is at an all-time high, so if I were you, I would just stick with this – I would just ride this baby.”

The latest antics from Murray come after he made headlines for crashing a White House press conference to discuss baseball earlier this year, buying beers for everyone in his section when the Chicago Cubs won the world series – and when footage and photos of his tearful response to their win, as well as a string of drunk and elated interviews, went viral across the internet.