Watch Daisy Ridley wish fans a happy Star Wars Day in video message

Actress thanks fans for money raised through the Force For Change charity initiative

Actress Daisy Ridley has marked annual Star Wars Day (May 4) by sending a video message to fans.

Star Wars Day launched in 2011, with its date a pun on the famous film quote “May the Force be with you” (“May the Fourth be with you”).

To mark this year’s Star Wars Day, Ridley appeared in a video message posted to the official Star Wars Twitter page. In the clip, she thanks fans for the money raised through the Force For Change charity initiative. Watch the video below.

Ridley also posted a picture of herself and Star Wars co-star John Boyega to mark the event. See beneath.


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Ridley made her debut as Rey in Star Wars: The Force Awakens last year. Follow-up movie Episode VIII is expected in December 2017.

Last month, Ridley spoke to Entertainment Tonight about the next Star Wars film (Episode VIII, revealing further details about the current filming process and working with new director Rian Johnson.

Ridley said of the atmosphere on set with new director Rian Johnson, “It’s still the same. It’s very lovely and warm and friendly still”.

She then goes on “Obviously it went really well with VII, but it’s wonderful to give people a little bit. I think we did do that for VII, just a little bit to keep the interest peaked [sic].”