Watch Daniel Radcliffe say: ‘I don’t want people to forget about ‘Harry Potter”

Star recently spoke of his desire to join 'Game Of Thrones'

Daniel Radcliffe has admitted that he doesn’t want people to forget about his role as Harry Potter.

The actor has distanced himself from the role in recent years and ruled himself out of appearing in a film adaptation of Harry Potter And the Cursed Child, earlier this month.

“I don’t want people to forget about Harry Potter, I’m incredibly proud of those films,” he said about starring in the eight movies that were released between 2001 and 2011.


“I also don’t want to repeat myself in terms of what I did with Harry, but in terms of Woman In Black and now Imperium, I think I get an undeserved amount of credit playing diverse things because people saw me playing one role for a long time. Really, it’s just what most actors want; as varied a career as possible. I’m just lucky enough to be in a position where I can do that,” he told The Independent. You can watch the interview below.

Imperium is based on the real-life story of Michael German, an FBI agent who went spent several years posing as a neo-Nazi so he could infiltrate and investigate US white supremacist groups. Radcliffe will play an up-and-coming FBI agent called Nate Foster who goes undercover in a bid to prevent white supremacists from building a dirty bomb.

Radcliffe is making his feature film directorial debut with Imperium and also wrote its script based on German’s experiences. Imperium is currently showing in UK cinemas.

Radcliffe described his requirement to shout “certain words” as “really unpleasant”. He also added he wasn’t worried about white supremacists attending the film, even saying he’d be “delighted” if the film could open such viewers’ minds.

He recently spoken of his desire to join the Game Of Thrones cast.


The fantasy drama’s seventh season will air in summer 2017 and is the penultimate instalment before its eighth and final season arrives in 2018.

Radcliffe said: “I’ve recently read a couple of really good TV pilot scripts. But then it’s signing on for seven years.”

“Right now, I have a little bit of freedom,” he added. “So if I read a script for something that’s filming next year, I don’t have to turn it down because I’m not available – which I did, for a long time.”