Watch Danny DeVito compare “clown act” Boris Johnson to Donald Trump

Veteran American actor says the two politicians are "cut from the same cloth"

Veteran American actor Danny DeVito has compared the UK’s Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson, to controversial Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

While discussing politics with Chris Moyles on his Radio X show, DeVito said that the staunchly pro-Brexit Tory MP was “cut from the same cloth” as Hillary Clinton’s rival for the US Presidency.

“Look, we’re all kind of messed up with the whole thing,” DeVito told Moyles. “You guys are in turmoil: you’re in deep, deep trouble. We don’t have a single person to rely on. Basically, if you look at it, you look at the clown act on one side – Donald. It’s just that he’s very self-centered and into his own thing – he does what he does very well, which is to alienate. I don’t know about his personal life, his friends; I know his family seem to be standing by him.”

DeVito continued: “It’s like Boris – you’ve got the guy, your ‘Head…’ what is he? He represents you in the world?”

When Moyles confirmed that Johnson is the UK’s Foreign Secretary, DeVito replied: “Yes, that’s right. They’re cut from the same cloth.” Watch a clip of DeVito discussing Trump and Johnson with Moyles below.