Watch David Cameron in cringeworthy Snapchat video with Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnie describes ex-PM as a 'good friend'

David Cameron has declared “I’ll be back” in a Snapchat video with ex-California governor and Terminator star Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The former UK Prime Minster, who stepped down after the Brexit vote seven months ago, appeared in a short video message with Schwarzenegger, who uploaded the clip to Snapchat.

In the video, Schwarzenegger says: “I’m with my good friend David Cameron, from England, the ex-prime minister,” and Cameron adds: “I’m with the governor. He did a great job, and I’ll be back.” Watch below.


Yesterday saw Donald Trump call on people to “pray” for Schwarzenegger’s Celebrity Apprentice ratings, speaking at National Prayer Breakfast in Washington DC. Schwarzenegger took over as Apprentice host from Trump, who previously starred in 14 seasons of the US show.

Speaking at the annual National Prayer Breakfast, which is intended to be a forum for political, social and business discussions, Trump said that he was replaced on the show by a “big movie star” and “we know how that turned out”. He continued: “The ratings went right down the tubes. It’s been a total disaster. And Mark [Barnett, Apprentice producer who was in the audience] will never ever bet against Trump again. And I want to just pray for Arnold if we can, for those ratings.”

Schwarzenegger later responded in a video posted to Twitter, offering Trump the chance to “switch jobs” so people can “finally sleep comfortably again”.