Watch Jack Black compare Donald Trump to ‘Charlie Sheen on crack’

Actor talks about President's obsession with 'winning'

Jack Black has compared new US President Donald Trump to Charlie Sheen.

The actor was speaking to Variety in a video interview at Sundance film festival ahead of his new movie, The Polka King.

Discussing Trump’s “obsession” with “winning”, Black said: “Who else has been talking about winning obsessively lately? Oh yeah. Charlie Sheen. When he was on crack.”

He added: “Where are we where the president and Charlie Sheen are on the same exact page?”

Watch below:

Trump tweeted about his polarising speech at the CIA headquarters at the weekend: “Had a great meeting at CIA Headquarters yesterday, packed house, paid great respect to Wall, long standing ovations, amazing people. WIN!”

Sheen recently opened up about his public meltdown in 2011, when he gave a series of bizarre interviews that included the claim that he was “winning” and had “tiger blood”. He blamed his behaviour on “accidental roid rage”.

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Master Of None‘s Aziz Ansari called Trump “the Chris Brown of politics” while hosting Saturday Night Live over the weekend.

Meanwhile, during her speech and performance at the Women’s March in Washington DC on Saturday, Madonna suggested that the newly-inaugurated President could “suck my dick”.