Watch Johnny Depp get trampled by a horse in new ‘The Lone Ranger’ featurette

Armie Hammer stars in the Gore Verbinski-directed Disney Wild West movie

A new featurette for The Lone Ranger has been released – you can watch the trailer by scrolling down the page and clicking ‘play’.

In the 2-minute promo, director Gore Verbinski talks about the many challenges his film crew had to face while shooting the Wild West movie. There is also jaw-dropping footage of Johnny Depp falling from his horse and being trampled on by the animal. The accident occurred while filming a ride-a-long scene for the film.

Depp, who plays Tonto in the movie, recently said he tried to ensure his portrayal of the character was more than just a sidekick.

Depp will star in Disney’s big summer blockbuster as the companion to the iconic title character, who first appeared in a 1930s radio show and has since spawned his own novels, comic books and TV series. Armie Hammer will take on the role of the masked hero in the big budget western.

Speaking about his own role as the Native American Tonto, however, Depp told Total Film: “Since cinema has been around, Native Americans have been treated very poorly by Hollywood.

“What I wanted to do was play Tonto not as a sidekick – like ‘Go fetch a soda for me, boy!’ – but as a warrior with integrity and dignity. It’s my small sliver of a contribution to try to right the wrongs of the past.”

The Lone Ranger is Depp’s latest collaboration with Gore Verbinski, director of the first three Pirates of The Caribbean films, and Jerry Bruckheimer, producer of all four Jack Sparrow movies.

The Lone Ranger‘s cast also includes Helena Bonham Carter, Tom Wilkinson and former 24 actor James Badge Dale. Originally, Jack White was down to write the film’s score, but he pulled out last December (2012) due to a scheduling conflict and was replaced by prolific film composer Hans Zimmer.

The Lone Ranger opens in the US on July 4, but UK cinema-goers will have to wait until August 9 to see it.