Watch Mark Hamill prank ‘Star Wars’ fans as Luke Skywalker

The force is strong in these pranks

Fans of ‘Star Wars‘ were left in shock after Mark Hamill himself appeared at an event to prank them in the style of Luke Skywalker.

Today is officially ‘Star Wars Day‘ – due to the play on the date with ‘May The Fourth Be With You’. To celebrate, Hamill went along to treat fans who thought that they were appearing in a special ‘Star Wars’ 40th anniversary promo video, but would soon come face to face with the sci-fi icon.

The video was made to promote the franchise’s official charity ‘Force For Change‘ and offer fans the chance to win a variety of prizes – including a VIP tour of the Skywalker Ranch archives, attend the premiere of ‘Episode VIII: The Last Jedi‘, star in the upcoming Han Solo spin-off movie, and have the chance to have lunch with Hamill. To enter, visit here.


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Beyond Han Solo, ‘Star Wars’ bosses recently discussed how they were planning even more spin-off movies.

‘The Last Jedia will be released on December 15, 2017. Rian Johnson recently revealed that her character Rey’s parentage will be addressed in the movie, while Hamill hinted that Luke Skywalker may turn to the dark side.

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Meanwhile, the spin-off telling the story of Han Solo’s origins and early life, the film is set for a 2018 release.