Watch ‘Misfits’ star Robert Sheehan in the new trailer for ‘Jet Trash’

Sheehan rose to fame playing Nathan on the E4 comedy-drama

Misfits actor Robert Sheehan will star in a new independent film, Jet Trash, which is set for release in December.

Sheehan shot to fame playing Nathan on the E4 show, a role he played during Misfits‘ first two seasons (2009-2010). He starred alongside Game of Thrones actor Iwan Rheon during his time on the show.

Sheehan will now take one of the lead roles in Jet Trash, which describes itself as a “hedonistic backpacker thriller” set in the Indian state of Goa. Its story has been adapted from the novel Go, which was written by Simon Lewis – who co-wrote the film’s screenplay, alongside Dan M Brown.

Also starring Sofia Boutella (Kingsman, StarTrek: Beyond) and Osy Ikhile (Tarzan, Mission Impossible 5), the new film follows twenty-somethings Lee (Sheehan) and Sol (Ikhile) as they escape from London to the exotic beaches of Goa. Leaving their murky past behind, the two leads “live it up in an X-rated wonderland of sex, drugs and all-night parties.”

Watch the trailer for Jet Trash below.

Directed by Charles Henri Belleville, Jet Trash will open in selected cinemas on December 6.

It was announced back in April that Misfits would be remade for television in the US. The adaptation is being handled by the production team behind the cult show Gossip Girl, but little else has been revealed about the project since that initial announcement.