Watch Olivia Newton-John share her true thoughts on ‘Grease 2’

ONJ and John Travolta declined to return for the ill-fated 1982 sequel

Olivia Newton-John has given a blunt but damning verdict on Grease 2.

The original 1978 Grease film starring Newton-John and John Travolta became a huge pop culture phenomenon whose soundtrack was the year’s second best-selling album.

It remains massively popular today, with a fan theory suggesting that the film’s lead characters were dead for the most of the movie gaining traction on Reddit just last month (September).


Both actors declined to return for the poorly-received 1982 sequel, which instead starred Maxwell Caulfield and a young Michelle Pfeiffer, and flopped spectacularly at the box office. Grease 2 has since been embraced as something of a kitsch cult classic, perhaps partly because of its poor reception at the time, but few movie fans would deny it’s a vastly inferior film to the original.

Asked what she thinks of the follow-up during an appearance on Andy Cohen’s US chat show, Newton-John replied simply: “Not a lot.”

“They did ask us,” Newton-John continued, confirming she had been offered a chance to return as Sandy Olsson. “I think they approached John and I to do it, and it didn’t happen, and I didn’t think it was gonna happen, and then they made it with other people. So that’s my memory of it.” Watch her discussing the ill-fated sequel below.