Watch Robert De Niro read out mock Trump tweets about himself

Actor attended an anti-Trump rally in New York

Robert De Niro mocked Donald Trump by reading out some Trump-style fake tweets about himself at a rally against the incoming President last night (January 19).

The We Stand United rally took place outside Trump Tower in New York City on Thursday and was in protest against Trump’s upcoming inauguration.

Taking to the stage, actor De Niro said that he was pleased to be there “with all of you and all of my overrated friends”, a reference to Trump’s criticism of Meryl Streep.


The star went on to read out a series of tweets that he predicted would follow “in the middle of the night”. They included: “De Niro’s career is a disaster. He was passed over for Godfather 4 and Magnificent Seven. Pathetic”, “De Niro should give back his Oscars. Voting was rigged” and “There’s only one true Raging Bull and that’s Vladimir Putin.”

De Niro, who has previously said he would like to punch Trump, continued to describe the Republican leader as a “bad example of this country”. Watch below.

Also at the rally, Alec Baldwin impersonated Trump, saying to the crowd: “I just want to say, I’ve been standing out here in the freezing cold for a long time. I have to go to the bathroom – I have to pee. But I’m holding it in, holding it in. I’m not going to pee. I’m going to a function at the Russian consulate tonight. I’m going to hold it in until I get there.”

Baldwin-as-Trump continued: “And then when I get to the Russian consulate, I’m going to have a really, really long pee. Like the biggest pee I’ve ever had in my lifetime.”