Watch Snoop Dogg’s hilarious review of the ‘Child’s Play’ reboot

“Damn, Chucky is wakin’, bakin’ and takin’ it to the next level”

The Child’s Play reboot is out in cinemas next week, and it’s already gotten the seal of approval from the one and only Snoop Dogg.

The rapper’s not one to mince his words, whether he’s reacting to the Game of Thrones finale or American president Donald Trump. So naturally, his quick-fire review of the new Chucky film, in a short clip for his Hot Box Office show on VH1, was filled with puns and quips.

“Uh oh, that look like Chucky little hands!” Snoop remarks as he watches the murderous doll picks up a kitchen knife. He also affirms the movie’s fright factor: “Don’t let the name fool you, boys and girls. All you little dogs better stay at home, because Child’s Play ain’t for kids.”


He later declares, “Damn, Chucky is wakin’, bakin’ and takin’ it to the next level. This toy is gonna destroy!” Watch the clip here:

The upcoming reboot of the 1988 slasher premieres on June 21. It was directed by Lars Klevberg and stars Mark Hamill as the voice of Chucky. Aubrey Plaza plays the mother of Andy (Gabriel Bateman), the lonely boy who comes into possession of the dangerous doll.

As the first trailer shows, this contemporary adaptation appears to have turned Chucky into out-of-control robot, instead of the possessed toy of the original. This reboot comes two years after Cult of Chucky, which still follows the storyline of the original Child’s Play franchise.

Child’s Play recently met Toy Story 4 in a promotional crossover, with posters depicting Chucky roasting what remains of Slinky the dog over a flame and Chucky walking away from what looks like a dead cowboy (likely a representation of Toy Story’s hero, Woody).

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