Watch ‘Star Wars’ deleted scenes – video

Original trilogy Blu-ray taster hits the internet

The phrase ‘definitive edition’ has been used around versions of George Lucas‘ science-fiction classic for years.

But the forthcoming Blu-ray set could just be it, featuring over 40 hours of bonus material spread over three discs. And top of the list for the Star Wars aficionados, however, will be the deleted scenes.

While bootleg versions have been popping up online for years, the material was officially debuted at San Diego Comic Con, the fan convention which took place over the weekend. Having now emerged on the internet, you can watch one of the scenes by scrolling down.

While the video below is only a minute long, and mostly taken up with lightsabers etching logos, the glimpses we can see include a sandstorm enveloping Chewie and Lando and what appears to be the Wampa creature from The Empire Strikes Back chasing R2D2.

All will be revealed on September 12 when the nine-disc Star Wars: The Complete Saga is released in the UK on Blu-ray through Lucasfilm and 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment.