Watch ‘Star Wars’ villain Kylo Ren go undercover on ‘Saturday Night Live’

'The Force Awakens' character infiltrates Starkiller Base in sketch show parody

The villainous ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ character Kylo Ren has appeared on the long-running US sketch show ‘Saturday Night Live’, as part of an ‘Undercover Boss’ parody.

The clip sees the Knight of Ren attempt to disguise himself as a regular worker on Starkiller Base, home to the evil First Order, but he is soon found out.

Adam Driver reprises his role as Kylo Ren from the film, and marks the first time he’s presented the programme with a crowd-pleasing performance, albeit less seriously than in J. J. Abrams’ 2015 blockbuster. Watch the clip below.

Fans recently started a petition to bring back original ‘Star Wars’ creator George Lucas as director in the final trilogy movie – entitled Episode XI. Over 20,000 fans have signed the petition, but Colin Treverrow, currently on board to direct the film, isn’t taking the news seriously.

Speaking on ‘Entertainment Tonight’ Treverrow said, “It’s funny, I saw that, and it was on a day where I was at LucasFilm giving this big speech to everyone about how we want to channel the invention and just the raw creativity and the boldness that George brought to these films and not being afraid that we’re going to embarrass ourselves by doing something that might be crazy.”