Watch Thanos from ‘Avengers’ turn The Simpsons to dust in show’s new crossover couch gag

He used his fatal finger snapping on Homer and co.

The Simpsons family have fallen victim to Avengers‘ Thanos in the show’s latest couch gag, with the Marvel character unleashing his fatal finger snap. Check out the clip below.

Avengers: Infinity War, the latest film in the superhero franchise, was released back in April last year. In a four-star review of the movie, NME concluded: “For the most part though, this bonkers blockbuster is an entertaining and surprisingly emotional flick that will keep everybody happy.”

At the end of the movie, Thanos – portrayed by Josh Brolin – used his now-iconic digit snapping move to turn half the universe’s heroes to dust. It was later revealed that the fatal click was called ‘The Decimation’.

Now, the supervillain has rocked up in Springfield to cause carnage amongst the Simpsons clan. In the latest in their long-running couch gag moment, Thanos takes over the family sofa and is helped by Maggie to wipe everyone out.

The theme for the Season 30 episode, ‘There’s No Time To Sleep’, is also swapped for music from the movie.

Meanwhile, another new episode of The Simpsons recently revealed how Homer Simpson likes to use the gif of himself disappearing into the bushes. The popular clip, taken from 1994’s ‘Homer Loves Flanders’ episode, is constantly used by social media users to reflect their reaction to awkward scenarios.

In other news, last month saw an Avengers: Infinity War fan share an intriguing theory on who Nick Fury and Maria Hill were heading to meet at the end of the film.