Watch the first trailer for Karen Gillan and Lena Headey’s new film ‘Gunpowder Milkshake’

Guns, gangs and... milkshakes

The first trailer for Karen Gillan and Lena Headey’s new film Gunpowder Milkshake has been released – watch it below.

The actors have teamed up for Navot Papushado’s action-packed thriller, which follows three generations of women who fight back against those who could take everything from them.

Game Of Thrones star Headey plays professional assassin Scarlet who was forced to abandon her daughter Sam (played by Gillan) and go on the run. Years later, Sam becomes a hitwoman herself.


A synopsis for the film reads: “In her turbulent life as a professional assassin, Scarlet was cruelly forced to abandon her daughter Sam and go on the run. Years later, despite the estrangement, Sam has also grown up into a cold blooded hitwoman.

“After a high-stake mission spins out of control, putting an innocent 8-year-old girl in the middle of the gang war she has unleashed, Sam has no choice but to go rogue. This ultimately leads her back to her mother and her former hitwomen sidekicks, who all join forces in an avenging war against those who took everything from them.”

You can watch the trailer for Gunpowder Milkshake below:

Other cast members include Angela Bassett (Black Panther), Michelle Yeoh (Star Trek: Discovery), Carla Gugino (Watchmen), Paul Giamatti (The Amazing Spider-Man 2), Freya Allen (The Witcher), Ivan Kaye (Vikings), David Burnell IV (Whiskey Cavalier), Adam Nagaitis (Chernobyl) and Ralph Ineson (Game Of Thrones).

Gunpowder Milkshake will be released in cinemas internationally in July, while it will be released on Netflix only in the US on July 14.


Earlier this year, Karen Gillan confirmed she will appear in the fourth Thor film, Love And Thunder.

Gillan, whose character Nebula was introduced to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in 2014 with Guardians Of The Galaxy, revealed the news while interacting with fans on social media.