Watch the first trailer for new ‘Kindergarten Cop 2’ film

Dolph Lundgren replaces Arnold Schwarzenegger in sequel

Classic ’90s comedy caper Kindergarten Cop is to return to the big screen for a sequel, with the film’s first official trailer emerging today (February 16).

The original Kindergarten Cop film – released in 1990 and directed by Ivan Reitman – starred Arnold Schwarzenegger as a hard-bitten undercover detective playing the role of teacher at a middle-american Kindergarten school. The new film sequel release, however, replaces Schwarzenegger with fellow ’80s action hero Dolph Lundgren.

You can preview the first trailer of the forthcoming film below, which was first premièred on Entertainment Weekly.


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Directed by Don Michael Paul (Jarhead 2: Field of Fire), the film follows Lundgren’s character of FBI Agent Reed, who is undercover at a school in order to hunt down sensitive, classified data which has been stolen. He does, of course, come to heads with the school’s pupils, who make life extra difficult as he conforms to their politically-correct schooling system.

According to the Daily Mail, Lundgren is also lined up to star in five more films released this year: A Man Will Rise, Larceny, Female Fight Club, Don’t Kill It and Bachelor Party.

The film is being released straight to DVD and digital formats on May 17 through Universal Home Entertainment.

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