Watch the official trailer for Netflix’s Marilyn Monroe biopic, ‘Blonde’

The full-length trailer comes ahead of the biopic's Netflix premiere later this year

Netflix has shared the official trailer for Blonde, an upcoming biopic chronicling the life of Marilyn Monroe. Watch above.

Shared yesterday (July 28), the two-minute clip offers a glimpse into the film’s depiction of old Hollywood glamour, complete with paparazzi-flooded red carpet appearances and black-and-white cutaways, with Ana de Armas portraying Monroe.

Soundtracked by a slowed version of Monroe’s 1953 rendition of ‘Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend’, the trailer offers a sombre behind-the-scenes look at the icon herself. “Marilyn doesn’t exist,” de Armas says in the clip, “Marilyn Monroe only exists on the screen.”


The full-length trailer follows last month’s 30-second teaser, and comes ahead of the film’s Netflix premiere on September 23. The accompanying synopsis promises a closer look at “​​a life both known and unknown…explor[ing] the complicated life of Hollywood icon Marilyn Monroe.

“From [Monroe’s] volatile childhood as Norma Jeane, through to her rise to stardom and romantic entanglements, Blonde blurs the lines of fact and fiction to explore the widening split between her public and private selves.”

Blonde is helmed by New Zealand director Andrew Dominik, and is based on the Joyce Carol Oates novel of the same name, published in 2000. Alongside de Armas, the cast includes actors Bobby Cannavale, Adrien Brody and Sara Paxton, among others.

The biopic has garnered attention in recent months after acquiring an NC-17 rating in the US. Referencing the restrictive rating in an interview with Deadline last month, Brody — who plays Monroe’s husband, literary giant Arthur Miller — admitted that “there’ll be some controversy” around the film.

Brody’s prediction aligns with similar sentiments from Domink, who described Blonde as “​​a demanding movie….If the audience doesn’t like it, that’s the fucking audience’s problem. It’s not running for public office,” Dominik said.