Watch Tom Holland and Chris Hemsworth trade insults in new interview


Tom Holland and Chris Hemsworth have put their Avengers friendship aside to trade a series of savage insults.

Ahead of the release of Hemsworth’s Men In Black: International and Holland’s Spider-Man: Far From Home, the pair interviewed each other before it predictably descended into a series of light-hearted barbs.

When Hemsworth asked why Thor doesn’t feature in Spider-Man’s latest big screen outing, Holland replies: “You know, ‘cos it was really for the front-running Avengers in this movie. It’s all about who’s going to step up and take RDJ’s spot?


Unwilling to take the insult, Hemsworth shoots back: “Yeah, that’s why I asked where Thor was”.

Elsewhere in the interview, Hemsworth jokes that he went “full method” to portray fat Thor in Endgame, and says that it was his “Oscars attempt”. He made light of Thor’s weight gain in an advertisement last week.

And as for Holland’s future as Spider-Man, Hemsworth says he’s already been replaced by Jake Gyllenhaal – who was originally considered for the role back in 2000.

Still, it all ends with a friendly hug to consolidate their ever blossoming bromance.

Meanwhile, Gwyneth Paltrow recently admitted she wasn’t aware that she will appear in Far From Home as Tony Stark’s widow Pepper Potts.


Marvel is known for keeping its stars in the dark on some facets of their movies, so it’s plausible Paltrow filmed her Homecoming scenes while working on Avengers and wasn’t told they were for a different movie.

Spider-Man: Far From Home will hit cinemas on July 2.