Watch two new clips from ‘The Inbetweeners Movie’ – video

The big-screen version of the hit comedy is out today

Two brand new clips from the new Inbetweeners movie, out today (August 17), have been released online.

The videos show the four friends from the hit Channel 4 comedy struggling to pull off being cool in the holiday resort of Malia, as they seek the sacred “minge”.

The first clip sees the hapless foursome of Neil, Simon, Jay and Will propping up an unpopulated bar as a group of four girls walk in. After some discussion it’s decided that dancing is the best form of action to attract the ladies.

Cue Neil doing his best Peter Crouch.

Watch clip number one by clicking the video above.

The second clip shows Neil and Jay encountering a small problem by the pool as, again, the boys try to find themselves some “clunge” and “gash” and “gashy clunge”.

Keep your eyes peeled for Neil’s horrific tanline.

Clip Number Two.

The Inbetweeners Movie is said to be the last instalment for the boys. An ending the makers say will be a “sentimental one”.

The Inbetweeners Movie is out today (August 17).

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