Whiplash star Miles Teller admits he looks up to body-morphing actors

War Dogs actor says he envies actors like Robert DeNiro and Christian Bale

Whiplash actor Miles Teller has said he admires actors who are able to completely transform their body image for a role.

Teller, who currently stars as an arms dealer in War Dogs with Jonah Hill said he grew up admiring actors such as Robert DeNiro.

In an interview in this week’s NME, available nationwide from tomorrow (August 26), Teller said: “When it comes to body-morphing, like Christian Bale, older actors like Robert DeNiro really set a high bar. As a younger actor, you look up to those guys, like ‘Oh man, I wanna do that. I wanna change my accent, cut my hair, change my teeth and gain weight.’ What you’re really trying to do is stop people thinking about you, the celebrity.”

After starring in Whiplash about drumming technique, Teller said he has become friends with Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich after meeting him at the film’s premiere. Teller said: “Lars just loves movies. He’s a film buff. We remained close and I love musicians. If I was better, I’d be very satisfied with playing a musician.”

Teller has starred in the Divergent series and The Fantastic Four, and will next appear in Granite Mountain with Jennifer Connolly and Jeff Bridges about a crew of workers battling a wildfire.