‘Wild Mountain Thyme’ trailer mocked for “very upsetting” Irish accents: “This is worse than the famine”

"Christopher Walken's Irish accent is a war crime"

The first trailer for Wild Mountain Thyme has been mocked for its “very upsetting” Irish accents – check out some of the reactions to the clip below.

The upcoming film, a new drama directed by John Patrick Shanley based on his own play Outside Mullingar, stars Emily Blunt, Jamie Dornan, Jon Hamm and Christopher Walken.

The first look at the film was shared earlier in the week (November 10), with many taking to social media to respond to the actors’ Irish accents in the trailer, particularly those of Christopher Walken and Emily Blunt.


“Christopher Walken’s Irish accent is a war crime,” Emma Vigeland wrote, while Conor Wilson made a dig at Blunt’s accent by saying: “A lot of negativity about this so far but Scarlet Johansson’s performance as Fungie will take your breath away.”

The National Leprechaun Museum of Ireland also joined in, sharing the trailer and writing “even we think this is a bit much” as a caption.

“Already banned in 17 counties,” podcast host Niall Breslin began. “Westmeath county council just met this morning and have moved to ban it in the county too. Other counties expected to follow.”


Another user called the trailer’s accents “absolute ear cancer”, while one person on YouTube commented “this is worse than the famine.” Many also criticised Jamie Dornan’s Irish accent, considering the actor is from Northern Ireland originally.

Check out some more reactions below:

Wild Mountain Thyme is scheduled to be released in the US on December 11.

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