Will Ferrell speaks out on the possibility of ‘Step Brothers’ sequel

Are Brennan and Dale about to return?

Will Ferrell has spoken out on the possibility of making a sequel to cult comedy Step Brothers and admitted that there’s been talks about a sequel to the 2008 film.

The comedy, which saw Ferrell’s character at loggerheads with his step-brother, played by John C.Reilly, has developed a large cult following in the year since its release, and it now seems like a sequel could be potentially be on the cards.

Speaking about the possibility of a sequel, Ferrell told TV show Watch What Happens Live: “We talked a little bit about Step Brothers. So who knows? But, at the same time, you like to create new things.”

But despite the faintly positive answer, he wasn’t so receptive on the possibility of a sequel to his other films – including Elf.

When asked, he replied: “I’ve got great news for you… No.”

Before that, however, he may have to deal with the unlikely task of tackling a Kanye West biopic – after the rapper reportedly claimed that he wanted Ferrell to develop the big screen adaptation of his life story.

“He has been thinking about this for a long, long time and he has been trading ideas with Will”, a source previously claimed.

“Rather than take himself too seriously, he feels it has to be a comedy and not a preachy film.”