Will Smith isn’t returning as Deadshot in the ‘Suicide Squad’ sequel

Farewell, Deadshot...

It seems that Will Smith won’t be making a return as Deadshot in the Suicide Squad sequel.

The much-maligned superhero movie will be given a new lease of life when production begins on The Suicide Squad, which is set to be directed by Guardians Of The Galaxy’s James Gunn.

But while full details of Gunn’s film are yet to emerge, it seems that Smith won’t be returning as the deadly assassin.


As Variety reports, Smith reportedly turned down the chance to return after the filming schedule clashed with another upcoming project.

The US publication says that “scheduling was the ultimate factor and that the decision was made on amicable terms between both sides with no hard feelings.”

Suicide Squad 2
The cast of ‘Suicide Squad’

While it initially seems like a significant development, it’s thought that Gunn’s take on the franchise will head in a new direction.

It was reported last year that Gunn is planning a “completely fresh take” on the franchise and it will see him focusing on an entirely new group of characters.


Meanwhile, it was recently reported that Jared Leto’s standalone Joker movie won’t be happening either.

“The Suicide Squad sequel, meanwhile, is moving forward as a sort of soft reboot to some extent, and is expected to have a new cast of characters and avoid direct tie-in to the first film’s events. Harley Quinn is not expected to return, and James Gunn’s script will be a new approach and rethinking of the property,” a Forbes report stated.