Watch Will Smith rap to the Genie’s ‘Friend Like Me’ in dazzling new ‘Aladdin’ trailer

Fans seem to have been won over by a second glimpse of Smith's character

Disney have shared a new trailer for the upcoming live-action Aladdin movie, which features Will Smith rapping and shot-by-shot scenes from the original film. Check it out below.

The remake of the classic family tale is set for release this May, with newcomer Mena Massoud starring as the titular character. Naomi Scott will also appear as Princess Jasmine, while Will Smith portrays the Genie.

Following an initial brief clip emerging at the end of last year, a more in-depth trailer has now been released.


The colourful two-minute video offers up recreations of scenes lifted from the 1992 animated version. Viewers also hear a snippet of Will Smith taking on the Genie’s ‘Friend Like Me’ number after Aladdin discovers his Cave of Wonders.

After fans took to Twitter to air their dislike of the new Genie last year, the new taster has seemingly eased many viewers’ concerns. “Lads, this genie looks way better in the full aladdin trailer,” one posted. Another commented: “You owe Disney an apology. This Aladdin film and this trailer looks DOPE.”

See those posts and more reactions below.


The Guy Richie-directed Aladdin will hit cinemas on May 24.

Earlier this year, Disney responded to claims that white actors used ‘Brownface’ on the set of the new film.

In a statement, the huge movie company confirmed a “handful of instances” where white background performers were used “when it was a matter of speciality skills, safety and control.”

Actor Kaushal Odedra worked the project as a background artist and claimed that he personally witnessed “around twenty” white actors who were transformed to appear Arabian. “Aladdin was the perfect time to show diversity but also be accurate,” he said.