Will Smith slaps ‘joker’ on red carpet

Ukrainian prankster targets Smith at 'Men In Black 3' premiere

Will Smith slapped a notorious Ukrainian prankster on the red carpet at the Russian premiere of Men In Black 3.

In the video, which you can see by scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking, Ukrainian reporter Vitalii Sediuk hugs Smith before planting two kisses on his cheeks.

An irate Will Smith then pushes Sediuk away and says: “Hold on man, what the hell is your problem buddy?” He then gives the reporter a slap on the side of the face.

Then, as he gets ushered down the red carpet by his entourage Smith can be heard saying: “Hey, I’m sorry. He tried to kiss me on my mouth. That joker, he’s lucky I ain’t sucker punch him. Oh sorry, I said that on camera.”

Not known to shy away from controversy, Sediuk made the headlines last year when he handed Madonna a bunch of hydrangeas – a flower she publically said she disliked.

Will Smith was in Russia to promote his new film, Men In Black 3. The alien-chasing sequel, which also stars Tommy Lee Jones, follows Agent J as he travels back to the 1960s to stop an alien assassinating his friend and colleague Agent K.