‘Wonder Woman 1984’ star blames mixed response on unpredictable plot

“People were so willing to critique certain elements instead of seeing it as a whole"

Wonder Woman 1984 star Connie Nielsen has said the film’s polarising response could be due to the unpredictable plot.

The actress, who plays Hippolyta of Themyscira in Patty Jenkins’ film, defended the director’s vision and praised her more unconventional storytelling methods.

“No one can say that Patty is not true to the vision that she has of Wonder Woman, which is to me, an incredibly brave, incredibly important vision,” Nielsen told Den Of Geek.


“The way in which she transforms the expectations of a superhero may not be to everyone’s liking, because they’ve been conditioned to seeing a bunch of other films that follow these specific tent markers.”

She continued: “We’ve been conditioned to look for those tent markers so that we can say, ‘Oh, we know what’s going to happen now.’

“I think people don’t like to not know what’s going to happen, but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t try and continue to move those markers, move that tent pole so that we can make a different shape that’s more interesting and more psychologically profound.”

“A lot of people were so willing to just critique certain elements instead of seeing it as a whole,” Nielsen concluded, reflecting on negative reviews for Wonder Woman 1984.

“And I think that as a whole, everything that happens in this film makes a lot of sense. It makes a lot of sense, and I think it’s a beautiful film.”


In a four-star review of Wonder Woman 1984, NME said: “It’s a smart and stylish sequel that’s endlessly entertaining; but more than that, in the dumpster fire of 2020, Wonder Woman 1984 is a two hours of hope filled escapism – something all of us could do with right now.”