‘Wonder Woman’ fans angry over ‘skimpy’ Amazonian costumes in ‘Justice League’

"Some step backwards".

Wonder Woman fans have expressed their anger after it was revealed that the ancient Amazonian warriors appear to be wearing ‘skimpy’ and revealing outfits in Justice League, a marked contrast to the battle-ready armour seen in the first solo outing of Gal Gadot’s titular superhero.

When Wonder Woman hit cinemas in May this year, viewers were introduced to the backstory of Diana Prince (Gadot), who is raised as a fearsome warrior on the all-female island of Themyscira.

But the extensive armour worn by the characters in the film is entirely different to the skimpy and revealing outfits that are shown in Zac Snyder’s first outing of the Justice League – prompting allegations of sexism and the difference “between the male and female gaze.”

Posting a photo of the two outfits side by side, Melissa Silverstein wrote: “Here is a fantastic example of the difference between the male and female gaze. Patty Jenkins’ Amazon warriors on the left. Zack Snyder’s on the right.”

Another noted how the Wonder Woman outfits were created by female costume designer Lindy Hemming, contrasted with the male design of Justice League’s Michael Wilkinson.

They wrote: “In case you wonder: Here’s a picture of how the Amazons looked in Wonder Woman…next to pic how they look in Justice League. First designed by Lindy Hemming, second by Michael Wilkinson. Some steps backwards, methinks.”

However, the allegations of sexism and objectification have since been refuted by one fan who claims that the full armour also features in Justice League, with the ‘skimpy’ outfits merely being their training gear.

“Seriously, stop blindly retweeting that Wonder Woman costume meme. The “skimpy” outfit is already in BOTH movies. It’s their “training” outfits. And the Amazons are clearly wearing normal armor IN THE JL TRAILER. I don’t even wanna see that movie, I just hate misinformation”, John S.Troutman wrote.

Meanwhile, Justice League is set to hit cinemas on Thursday and has been met with a string of mixed opinions after being screened for critics ahead of release.