‘X Files’ star Gillian Anderson open to being the first female James Bond

Actress responds to fan poster with 'Jane Bond' claim

The X Files star Gillian Anderson has implied she’d be willing to be considered as the first female James Bond with a tweet in which she dubs herself “Jane Bond”.

Following reports that Daniel Craig has rejected a £68 million offer to star in two new Bond films, a fan mocked up a poster featuring Anderson as James Bond.

Anderson retweeted the poster to her 500,000 Twitter followers and added the message: “It’s Bond. Jane Bond.”

She wrote: “Thanks for all the votes. Sorry, I don’t know who made the poster, but I love it. #NextBond.”

When promoting Spectre in 2015, Craig said he would be in favour of a female Bond. He said: “I think it’s a great idea. If it works, it works. That’s the great thing about film – it’s all about imagination. So of course it could happen. That’s not me giving it a big push, it’s just that anything is possible.”

Craig told the BBC in a separate Spectre interview that he would “rather slash his wrists” than play Bond again. He later backtracked on his comments but, after four films playing 007, he was quoted by The Daily Mail last week as telling Bond filmmakers EON that he is “done playing Bond”.

Following the report, several bookmakers suspended bets on Tom Hiddleston taking over in the role.

Craig has signed up to star in ‘Purity’, a 20-episode TV series based on the Jonathan Franzen novel. The series is produced by Scott Rudin, whose films include The Social Network and The Grand Budapest Hotel.

After a new series of The X Files was shown by Channel 5 in the UK earlier in 2016, Anderson is currently filming a third and final series of serial killer drama The Fall for BBC2.