‘X-Men’ actor Evan Peters wants a Deadpool meets Quicksilver movie

But Peters seems a little less convinced by the idea of a solo Quicksilver movie

X-Men actor Evan Peters has said he would love to star in a Quicksilver meets Deadpool crossover movie.

The actor made his debut as super-speedy mutant Quicksilver in 2014’s X-Men: Days Of Future Past and reprised the role for this year’s X-Men: Apocalypse. On both occasions, his character provided some of the movie’s most memorable scenes.

Asked if fans should be expecting a solo Quicksilver movie, Peters told TheWrap: “Oh my god, I don’t know. It would take three years to shoot, wouldn’t it? Yeah I don’t know, [but] I would love to do that.”

Peters also said during the interview: “I would like to see a Deadpool/Quicksilver movie, I think that would be really fun.”

Meanwhile, 20th Century Fox confirmed in April that Ryan Reynolds will be reprising his role as potty-mouthed antihero Deadpool in a forthcoming sequel.

Deadpool has been the surprise hit of the year so far, taking nearly $775m (£545m) at the box office around the world, on a comparatively tiny budget of just $58m ($41m).

Film company Fox has also confirmed that the first film’s director, Tim Miller, will be back for the sequel – a major vote of confidence for a former visual effects supervisor who’d never helmed a film before.