‘X-Men: Dark Phoenix’ star Evans Peters “sad” about how Quicksilver’s storyline remains unresolved

"I'd want to do more, there's more to explore"

Evans Peters has spoken of his sadness at his character Quicksilver’s relationship with Magneto remains unresolved in the new movie Dark Phoenix.

The Marvel franchise last touched on Quicksilver’s relationship with his biological father Magneto (played by Michael Fassbender) in X-Men: Apocalypse. However that storyline remains untouched in new film – and Peters has said that he would be disappointed if his character didn’t return in the next instalment to resolve their story arc.

“I’d be sad,” he told the TalkFilm podcast. “I’d want to do more, there’s more to explore and shooting the sequences are more fun and just to be behind the scenes on it.”


He continued: “Originally I think they were going to have Quicksilver tell Eric that he was his son but it felt a little forced in a situation.

“Would he want him to know that as he’s destroying everything in that moment, and is that going to be enough to turn him to the good side? So it was kind of like would you really want to put yourself out there in that situation? You might wanna wait until you’re having some coffee or chilled out and tell him.”

Meanwhile, writer and director Simon Kinberg spoke to Yahoo Movies UK about their storyline.

“It was not part of the idea for this movie,” he said. “Part of what I felt is in the X-Men movies that maybe are not our strongest films is that we sometimes bite off more than we can chew in terms of the characters. We service so many characters’ stories, that we lose, in some ways, the emotional through line of the film.”

He went on: “And so I didn’t really want to get into the relationship between Quicksilver and Magneto in this movie, they have no scenes together.”


While he said that X-Men: Apocalypse “didn’t have the space to really address [the relationship] properly,” there would be a much fuller exploration of it in the future.

“There’s little moments in the movie that sort of do,” he added. “So no, that is definitely something that has not fully been mined yet.”

X-Men: Dark Phoenix is in cinemas from tomorrow (Wednesday June 5).