‘X-Men: First Class’ star Michael Fassbender wanted for ‘RoboCop’ remake

Director José Padilha says he wants German-Irish actor for reboot of 1987 classic

José Padilha has announced he wants Michael Fassbender to star in his forthcoming RoboCop remake.

The Brazilian director, currently promoting Elite Squad 2: The Enemy Within, has been linked the proposed reboot for some time, and has now revealed he’d like the X-Men: First Class actor to pull on the robotic law-enforcer’s iconic costume.

“I’ll film RoboCop,” Padilha told Dutch entertainment site Film 1. “I’m indeed writing the script, the writer is here with me in Rio, we’ve spent over the last 15 days working together, refining the script.

“I can’t talk yet, it’s too early to speak, but there are some actors I like. I really like the Fassbender, I’d like to talk to him. There’s a possibility… But that’s the idea, to film around January, February, March.”

It’s unknown what Fassbender thinks of starring in the remake, although he has a busy schedule. He’ll soon star in Brendan Gleeson’s directorial debut At Swim-Two-Birds.

There is also talk of a sequel to X-Men: First Class too, with Fassbender expected to reprise his role of arch-villain Magneto alongside James McEvoy’s Professor Xavier.

The original RoboCop film, directed by Paul Verhoeven, was released in 1987 and starred Peter Weller as police officer Alex Murphy/RoboCop. Weller returned for a sequel, with Robert John Burke taking over in a third film. Richard Eden and Page Fletcher portrayed RoboCop on television.