‘X Men’ star Patrick Stewart eats his first slice of pizza at age 72

The legendary actor tweets a picture of himself with his cheesy treat to mark the occasion

Sir Patrick Stewart has eaten his first ever slice of pizza – at the age of 72.

The X-Men star took to Twitter to mark the occasion, posting a photo of himself with his cheesy treat and a brief explanation.

The legendary actor, who was knighted in 2010, appears to have spiced up his pizza slice with some chilli flakes before washing it down with a soft drink. However, he chose not to reveal which toppings (if any) he pimped his pizza with.

Stewart moved to Park Slope, an affluent neighbourhood of New York’s Brooklyn, last August (2012) and chose local eatery Smiling Pizza for his first time. The restaurant’s owner Steve Zito told Fox News afterwards: “I didn’t know it was his first slice. I would have given him another. We’ve only been here for 48 years. What took him so long?”

Stewart will reprise his role as Professor Charles Xavier in the next X-Men film, Days Of Future Past, which went into production last month (April). It’s set for release on July 18, 2014.