Who ya gonna call? New ‘Ghostbusters’ AR game looks seriously great

If there's something strange, in the neighbourhood...

The first previews of a new Alternative Reality (AR) Ghostbusters game have been released – and it looks like users will be able to hunt ghosts in their own neighbourhoods.

Taking on a similar premise to the hugely popular Pokemon Go, Ghostbusters World makes use of the Google Maps API to give iOS and Android players the chance to capture ghosts in everyday life.

It’s expected that some of the memorable characters from the original franchise will also make an appearance in the game, including trash-chomping Slimer and the iconic Marshmallow Man.


Ivan Reitman, who directed the original Ghostbusters films, described the games as  “the perfect medium [for fans] to get to know [Ghostbusters] characters in a whole new dimension.”

You can check out footage of the game below, along with an official teaser trailer.

And while the release date for the Ghostbusters game is yet to be confirmed, it’s expected that a Harry Potter AR game will emerge at some point this year too.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite will be available to smartphone users in 2018 through Niantic Labs. An official release date however is yet to be announced.


As TechCrunch reports, Warner Bros. Interactive is co-developing the app with Portkey Games – with the site suggesting it has taken inspiration from the game Ingress, which allows users to explore fictional environments.