You can now read the screenplay for BAFTA-nominated drama ‘Rocks’ online

You can now read the full script online for the BAFTA-nominated film

The screenplay for the BAFTA-nominated film Rocks is now available to read online.

Rocks follows the story of an east London teenage girl whose life changes forever after her mum walks out, leaving her to look after herself and her young brother alone.

The film – which handpicked its cast of unknown female leads from secondary schools around London – won best British independent film at February’s British Independent Film Awards.


Written by Claire Wilson and Theresa Ikoko, the film has since been nominated for a BAFTA for Best British Film screenplay, as well as ones for Best Actress (Bukky Bakray) and Best Supporting Actress (Kosar Ali). It has been nominated for seven BAFTAs in total.

You can now read the full screenplay of Rocks, via Deadline, here.

Speaking previously to NME about the film, Bakrya said: “It’s often said that the Black mundane experience wouldn’t be interesting in this industry.

“In order for it to be a worthy Black experience it would have to be an insane struggle, something overdramatised for the audience to engage with. But the small stuff is what’s truly special.”


NME’s five-star review of the film said: “Ultimately, Rocks is a gripping story about young adults all bursting with energy and raw potential, with an underlying sadness that – for reasons completely beyond these teenagers’ control – some are still searching for the support to help fulfil it.”