Zac Efron forgets title of massive ‘High School Musical’ hit – watch

During a game of 'Beat The Intro' Efron struggles to remember the name of pop smash 'Breaking Free'

Zac Efron was stumped recently when he was asked to identify a classic song from High School Musical.

The actor shared lead vocals on ‘Breaking Free’, an uptempo pop song from the original 2006 High School Musical film which became a Top Ten hit in both the US and the UK. It was famously performed on the British version of The X Factor by brother-sister duo Same Difference.

However, when Efron and his We Are Your Friends co-star Emily Ratajkowski and director Max Joseph were played the opening bars of ‘Breaking Free’ during a game of ‘Beat The Intro’, Efron struggled to remember the song’s name, guessing “Soaring And Flying?” and “Take A Chance?” before finally remembering its correct title.

During the game of ‘Beat The Intro’ set by Cosmopolitan, Efron, Ratajkowski and Joseph also struggled to identify One Direction’s recent hit ‘Steal My Girl’, initially presuming that the song had been recorded by an 80s arena rock band like Van Halen.

We Are Your Friends, a coming-of-age drama set on the Hollywood EDM scene, opens in UK cinemas this Friday (August 27). Watch the film’s stars and director play ‘Beat The Intro’ below.