‘Final Destination’ franchise set for fifth instalment

Comedy legend David Koechner gets on board

Final Destination, the decade-long horror franchise, is to return for another part next year.

The fifth instalment in the series will be titled 5nal Destination, and is seemingly looking to up the laughs, adding comedy actor David Koechner, who has appeared in the likes of Anchorman, Talladega Nights and The Office, to the cast. Tony Todd returns as fan favourite character Mr Bludworth.

Koechner joins the likes of HeroesNicholas D’Agosto, The Game, PJ Byrne, Ellen Wroe, who appeared in Dark House, and leading man and Mad Men actor Miles Fisher in the latest tale of people who succeed in cheating death – this time as a suspension bridge collapses – only for death himself to pick them off with a series of ‘accidents’ in the days and weeks that follow.

Steven Quale is directing the 3D film, with shooting set to begin next month.