‘Final Fantasy 14’ Halloween event finally releases this week

All Saints' Wake returns with a new clown theme.

Final Fantasy 14’s annual Halloween event releases this week and will feature brand new obtainable items to celebrate.

This year’s All Saints’ Wake event will begin January 20 and will run through to February 2. Due to the ongoing coronivus pandemic, the All event was delayed in November – as well as main expansion Endwalker – and was pushed back to an early 2022 release.

To take part in the spooky event, players will need to interact with the Adventurers’ Guild Investigator located in Old Gridania to begin the “All Clowns’ Wake” quest. Once accepted, players will be able to get their hands on a number of special, limited-time items, including the Clowning Around facepaint, a Clown’s Outfit (featuring a hat, top, gloves, bottoms, and boots) which can be glamoured.


A number of housing items will be available as well, which players can use to decorate their homes, including the outdoor furnishing Haunted Pumpkin Set and the Pumpkin Flower Vase.

Final Fantasy 14. Credit: Square Enix

Additionally, alongside the quest, there will be seasonal event content in the form of a haunted dungeon. “Some may remember The Haunted Manor from years past and we’re happy to say it will return again this All Saints’ Wake!” the developer’s blog post reads.

“Speak to the genial guiser by the Mih Khetto’s Amphitheatre to enter the manor. Don’t forget, the unsavory imp located in room #108 will allow you to transform into various people you have met throughout your journey.”

Elsewhere, Final Fantasy 14 will be returning to sale with more servers this month. Due to the game’s growing popularity, free trial, and the recent launch of the latest expansion – EndwalkerSquare Enix was forced to pull the game from digital storefronts in order to keep the servers up and running.


In other news, Naoki Yoshida recently spoke on the criticism from players following the lengthy queue times, saying that a lot of the feedback has been verbally abusive.

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