The first reactions are in for ‘The Big Bang Theory’ prequel ‘Young Sheldon’

Is it a hit?

The first reviews have been released for Young Sheldon after the prequel to The Big Bang Theory made its debut on U.S. television.

The prequel follows the formative years of theoretical physicist Sheldon Cooper, with nine-year-old Iain Armitage taking over from Jim Parsons in the youthful inception of the character.

Now, it looks like the prequel could well follow in the hugely successful footsteps of The Big Bang Theory after it received a warm reaction from U.S. critics.


CNN were quick to praise the “sweetness” of the show, writing: “Young Sheldon taps into the inherent comedy in this dynamic, but with an underlying sweetness that permeates its core. Much of that comes from Perry — as the daughter of Laurie Metcalf, who has guest starred as Sheldon’s mom in Big Bang, an inspired choice all around.”

USA Today were among those praising Armitage’s performance as Sheldon, describing it as “cute, but not cloying.”

“Armitage manages to be cute but not cloying, and just blunt and annoying enough to see hints of Parsons’ version of the character nearly three decades older”, they wrote.

But for others, the show was still a work in progress with signs of potential greatness.

“Like an ambitious science experiment, Young Sheldon is a work in progress, but if it finds a way to meld the pathos of Sheldon’s existence — he is frequently taunted and misunderstood at school and at home — with gentle but reliably effective humor, CBS might be onto something with this prequel”, Variety wrote.


Young Sheldon is expected to debut on E4 early next year.