First trailer for Ryan Gosling’s new film with ‘Drive’ director released – watch

Titled 'Only God Forgives', it stars Gosling as a US criminal running a drugs business in Bangkok

The first trailer for Only God Forgives, Ryan Gosling‘s latest collaboration with director Nicolas Winding Refn, has been released.

The 90-second teaser features blood and violence, and if this doesn’t bother you, scroll down and click ‘play’ to watch it. Gosling utters just two words in the trailer, asking right at the end: “Wanna fight?”

Gosling and Winding Refn (pictured right) previously worked together on Drive, an acclaimed car chase movie that came out in 2011. They teamed up again last year (2012) to shoot Only God Forgives in Thailand.

The film stars Gosling as an American criminal living in exile in Bangkok, where he runs a Thai boxing club as a front for a drugs business. When his brother is killed for murdering a prostitute, his mother lands in town and orders her son to exact revenge. Kristin Scott Thomas co-stars as the mother.

Only God Forgives arrives in US cinemas on May 23 but the film’s UK release date has yet to be confirmed. In the meantime, a bleach blond Gosling will be seen in The Place Beyond The Pines, a crime thriller co-starring Bradley Cooper and Eva Mendes that opens in the UK on April 12.